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Common challenges and our solutions

Small and medium-sized companies, especially in the following areas: manufacturing, agri-food, retail, e-commerce, and logistics, generate large amounts of data and do not have flexible, automated reporting from different areas of the company. This is due to multiple obstacles that such companies face.

First of all, we want to deliver reports to our customers – reports which are consistent with their expectations, delivered in the expected time interval 24/7. The customer gets a ready-made „dish” (report) and does not have to think about its individual components (infrastructure, people, competencies).

Lack of competencies

Companies lack competencies in the area of data collection, data organizing, building reports and their automation. In addition, companies have great difficulty in acquiring the right competencies - especially in smaller towns. There is also often no full-time job for them. Often small companies cannot afford such profiles.


We have a team of experts in reporting, business intelligence and process automation related to data and Machine Learning. We know what competencies we need and how to develop them. Thanks to the effect of scale and working for many companies, everyone has their hands full with us.

Fear of large business intelligence projects

Due to a lack of competence, customers do not really know what they want and how to do it cost-effectively. This makes them afraid to invest in BI departments.


Use flexible reporting as a service approach at the outset. Build your needs and expectations. Find out what you actually need. And then start working on your own reporting structures.

The need to create and maintain repoting infrastructure

Reporting requires the right structures and tools. The infrastructure and tools need to be maintained and updated, which generates further difficulties.


We have an infrastructure for building and maintaining reports and managing Machine Learning models. Thanks to the effect of scale, once prepared infrastructure can serve many customers and is cost effective.

Rigid reports in ERP software

ERP software have a set of built-in reports, but they are difficult to modify or change. Modifications can come at a high cost.


We create reports from scratch that are dedicated to a specific client. This allows us to create exactly what the client needs. If necessary, we are able to implement a change within week(s) to meet the client’s needs.

Maintaining reporting processes is boring and unengaging

Maintaining reports is a very repetitive and boring job. Employees don't like it and are bored. They look for a new job and the company must search for a replacement.


Our team knows no boredom. Each member of the team works on different tasks – from design, through integration with the client and automation, to maintenance. We care about a varied work environment.

Lack of infrastructure and competence to manage and maintain Machine Learning models

Some companies decide to build ML models, but then have problems with their production deployment because they have nowhere to keep them and don't know how to run them.


Don’t wait to build internal pipelines for Machine Learning and data. Start benefiting from the effects of ML models right away. Leverage our infrastructure while we take care of the data engineering and ML model monitoring. 

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Industry-specific solutions


Main challenges

End-to-end supply chain visibility, operational efficiency, productivity management, inventory control, manufacturing cycle tracking, equipment monitoring and effectiveness.

How we can help?

We can provide interactive end-user BI reports showing long time horizon and recent period details. The reports can be inventory, invoice, or predictive reports.

Logistics companies

Main challenges

Analyse transport volume and make optimum use of it, display and plan storage capacities, manage and steer vehicle fleets, determine costs and apportion them to the project

How we can help?

We leverage BI tools to provide our clients with information specific to their supply chain, thereby increasing their market responsiveness

retailers &

Main challenges

Understand consumers path to purchase, sudden changes in consumer trends and demands, estimate inventory needs, build forecasts

How we can help?

We help retailers and e-commerce organize, analyze, and contextualize business data from around the company. We also provide reports, performance measures, and company trends that help businesses make informed decisions in the present day.

Agri-food enterprises

Main challenges

Organize human work teams more effectively, more detailed and accurate analysis of production costs and return on investment, control the product quantity, semi-finished products and raw materials, be better prepared for fluctuations in demand

How we can help?

We provide reports that help to increase productivity, improve operations, limit migration of the labor force and reduce production waste.

Marketing Agencies

Main challenges

Filter out inaccurate data, set up consistent scoring criteria, test marketing campaigns, translate data into better customer outcomes, improve overall marketing analytics.

How we can help?

We can provide appropriate BI solutions to shorten the time between generating data and effectively analysing it. Your team will not have to spend hours manually pulling and manipulating data.


Main challenges

Controlling budgets, tracking performance, accouting reports, human resources management.

How we can help?

We will take care of the company-wide reporting so that you can focus on your core activity and business development.

Our Services

Reporting as a Service

Delegate boring refreshing. Your team will focus on higher value-added tasks.


MLOps as a service

Enjoy the benefits of your ML models. Don't bother with the infrastructure.


BI Advisory

Powered your team with best-in-class experts. Deliver your BI projects faster and more efficiently.


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